At the Museum Videos

At the Museum Gems, Minerals, Crystals & Rocks–What's the Difference? How can you distinguish rock from a mineral? Is that a gem, or is it a crystal? At the Museum Three Massive Minerals with Spectacular Stories Curator George Harlow introduces three of the signature specimens in the new halls. At the Museum Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals Now Open Get a peek at the redesigned Halls, which showcase one of the world’s most important collections of gems and minerals. At the Museum Worlds Beyond Earth: Now Open Are there other active worlds like Earth in our solar system? At the Museum Sir David Attenborough on Museum Collections - 360 Travel behind the scenes in 360. At the Museum Analyzing Anemones: Students Discover New Species Two high school students discovered a new species of anemone while studying with the Museum's science mentorship program. At the Museum Experience the Whale Wash Each year, the blue whale model gets a scrub down. At the Museum Reskinning the Hayden Planetarium The Planetarium gets a new screen in this time lapse video. At the Museum Youth Programs Bring Science to Life For young people, learning at the Museum forges a passion for science. At the Museum Museum Launches Computer Science Program for Girls The Museum's new education program, BridgeUp: STEM is focused on the intersection of computer science and science. At the Museum Our Earth's Future A new online and onsite course at the Museum. At the Museum Hiroshi Sugimoto: Four Decades of Photographing Dioramas The artist explores an idealized view of nature.