Biodiversity Videos

Biodiversity What Makes Dragonflies So Extraordinary Before bats, before birds, before pterosaurs, a dragonfly-like insect was probably the first thing to fly on Earth. Biodiversity Decoding the Language of Fireflies Did you know that each species of firefly has their own unique light language? Watch to find out more! Biodiversity Molecular Adaptation in Vampire Bats Follow scientists from the jungles of Brazil to a lab in the US, as they decode the evolutionary history of a famed mammal. Biodiversity When Carnivores Took to the Water A Museum scientist finds clues to the evolution of carnivores - and when they first took to water - by studying their inner e... Biodiversity Sharks: The Present See marine biologist catch, tag, and genetically sample sharks - all part of an effort to help declining species rebound. Biodiversity Sharks: The Past Watch scientists use CT scanning to compare living and fossil sharks - an evolutionary period spanning 450 million years. Biodiversity Opening Up the Pocket Shark Museum scientists virtually dissect a rare and fragile pocket shark. Biodiversity Sea Creatures Face the Acid Test A scientist digs into the fossil record to learn why a successful group of mollusks perished. Biodiversity Super Corals—For the Future (1 of 3) Explore a reef where healthy and dying corals live side by side. Biodiversity Super Corals—A Closer Look (2 of 3) Powerful microscopic imaging reveals dynamic interaction between colorful algae and the coral they inhabit Biodiversity Super Corals—Understanding the Science (3 of 3) Watch scientists they try to uncover what makes super corals tolerant of warmer water. Biodiversity Skull X-Rays Reconstruct Extinct Carnivores’ Bite Models from scans help decipher ancient animals’ diets.
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